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If you decide to visit Dubai, you will want to see all of its monuments and tourist attractions. Add the ones that are located within a 200-mile radius and you get a list of hundreds of places to visit. The best way to visit most or all locations is to rent a car. Now you will want to know all about this new task. To rent a car in Dubai you need several things, which will all be discussed here and we will also include the process, the options and all other elements you need to consider.

The first thing you will want to consider is the duration of car rental. There are usually two options. The first one is short-term car rental and it is desirable for people who are tourists or simply need a one-time car to move around the city and wider. This option is relatively affordable but varies on duration, car you select and many other things, such as fuel consumption of a vehicle.

Long-term car hire in Dubai is completely the opposite. It is used by people who need a car for a couple of weeks or months. Keep in mind that it is possible to rent a car for a year or even longer, but just a few people decide to do it. This form of rental is ideal for people who will live and work in Dubai for some period of time. They do not need to purchase a second-hand car or a brand new when they can easily rent one.

So, the first thing to consider is what type of car rental you need. Consider the time you will spend in Dubai and the need to move around. Most of you will find short-term car rental services the best choice.

Cheap car rental in Dubai is very popular and it comes in all variations. However, most of the service providers have certain requirements you need to comply in order to be able to rent a car. Hold your horses, those requirements aren’t anything unusual or special. They are basically a few pieces of paper and insurances you will need to own and share with a car rental company. Anyway, the full list of needed documents is mentioned below.

  1. Driver license

Obviously, you need a driver license in order to rent a car in Dubai. Most first world countries residents can do it with their own driver license. This is also possible for people from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. If you are one of them, you don’t need an additional driver license or anything similar. You can check which countries are classified as first world ones.

If you are not from the first world countries, but you still look for budget car rental in Dubai you will need an additional document. It is IDP and it stands for International Driving Permit. The permit is given in the home country and it is just to prove your driver license is valid. The fee varies according to a country but it is usually a low one.

Just to add, if you want to get the ability to have 2 drivers drive a car, you must include the insurance policy and another person driver license alongside your documents.

  1. Age limit

People can drive a car in Dubai at the age of 18. But, in order to rent a car you need to be at least 21 years of age. Keep in mind that some car rental companies have a higher age requirement which can be 25 years. In other cases, some vehicles, (usually expensive ones) are paired with a higher age limit.

  1. Deposit

Each car rental services is paired with a deposit. It depends on a car you are renting and it can be low or high. This deposit will be included when paying for the entire service. If it exceeds the total amount, the rest of the money is given back to a client.

  1. Insurance policy

All car rental companies require their clients to provide an insurance policy. It can be obtained from a bank or insurance company and it varies in prices and comes with different factors included.

Additional documents you will need:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Evidence of your address
  • Proof that you have a steady income

One thing we must include is the fact tourists are not allowed to own a car in Dubai. If you are one of them, you can only use public transportation or rent a car which is far more affordable and beneficial. We already mentioned all the documents and requirements you must meet so there is no need to repeat.

If you are a resident from UAE country with the ability to use a one-time driver license, you can apply for it. What this means is that you get a Dubai driver license which is 6 months valid. The exam isn’t required and basically, you need a few documents and a small fee. This is the case with countries that are allowed to exchange driver licenses with Dubai.

If you have moved to Dubai and you are looking for a permanent residence, you will need a visa. As soon as you get it, you need to apply for the driver license in Dubai. What this means is that you still can’t own a car and you can rent it after completing the protocol. After you get the Dubai driver license, you can rent or purchase a car.

Millions of people rent a car in Dubai and break a traffic law at some point. Of course, this happens accidentally and isn’t something you need to worry about. Dubai has straightforward laws and they are almost identical to other countries.

If you get a ticket, you will need to pay for it when returning the rental car. The fee is usually low but depends on the severity of your ticket. Most users use Salim which is a portal for fees and you can use it as well.

The worst thing you can do in this case scenario is to try and escape the police officers. Almost all of them drive cars with a price tag of $300.000 and they are true race cars. As such, there is no point in trying to escape. All you can get is a more severe ticket and a much higher fee. Instead, accept your ticket and pay for the fee when possible. Always follow the speed limit and don’t try to overtake all other drivers.

A good thing is the fact car rental in Dubai is one of the most affordable in the world. Literally, you can rent any car you want and the price will be determined accordingly. Below we have compiled a list of some cars and their costs for rental.

  • Small cars

Small cars including Toyota Yaris and similar vehicles are the most affordable. The price for renting this car is between $120 and $180 per week. Keep in mind that you usually have a distance limit which can be 25 or 250 miles per day.

  • Family cars

Family cars such as Mercedes C class or BMW 3 series can be rented as well. Their price is slightly higher and usually goes between $200 and $300 per week. The same requirements are implemented. You need to be 21 years of age to rent this car.

  • SUVs

SUVs are very popular in Dubai and chances are high you will want to rent one. The price varies and it mostly depends on the type and price of an SUV you want to rent. Mid-sized vehicles are relatively affordable with a price of $400-$600 per week. Larger SUVs are more expensive and they can reach $1000 per week.

  • Luxury cars

In this case scenario, most companies will require you to be at least 25 years old. Younger drivers won’t be able to rent a car of this kind. The price is between $1000 and $3000. However, these cars include Rolls-Royce, Bentleys, Mercedes S class and similar.

  • Sports cars

They are the most desirable and the most expensive to own and even rent. Once again, you need to be at least 25 years old in order to rent a car of this type. The price starts at $2000 per week and can reach $25.000 for Bugatti Veyron. We should add that you will need to make a deposit which is usually equivalent to one week rental.

Cheap car rental in Dubai is the most common and the most popular option. You can get a decent car with all comfort accessories and decent ride quality for a low price of $150 per week. Longer rentals are generally more affordable. For instance, you can rent Hyundai Elantra for $500 per month. This is an excellent car with a lot to offer.

One thing all drivers should remember is that a rental car must be inspected before driving it off the parking lot. Even if you don’t know anything about cars you should inspect basic things to make sure a car is ready for the drive and it is safe. Use the list mentioned below and inspect all the aspects in this precise order.

  1. Check for scratches

If a car is already scratched you don’t have to worry about it. We are referring to minor scratches that are common on parking lots. You need to check for this damage in order to return the car in the same condition, without new scratches. Drivers don’t need to pay for scratches made by previous drivers.

  1. Oil level and coolant

This is a bit more complicated to inspect yet relatively simple. Both of these things are located under the hood. Pull the oil dipstick and check for the oil level. You have two marks, the lowest and highest. Oil should be in the middle or on the top mark. Avoid cars that have oil at the lowest mark. Driving a car without engine oil can cause severe engine damage.

Coolant is located in a small reservoir and it is usually pink in color. You have two marks, the lowest and maximum. The fluid should be in the middle.

  1. GPS, air conditioning and child locks

All of these three things are located in the interior of a car and you need to check them. Checking all of them is extremely easy. Simply turn them on and see are they operational. Child locks are not needed if you drive all by yourself, but mandatory to check if you have a child.

  1. Check the fuel gauge

In most cases, you will find budget car rental in Dubai which requires from you to give the car back with the same amount of gas in the tank. That’s why you need to check the level of the gauge before you drive off and make sure to return it with the same amount. In most situations, the gas tank will be completely full and you will have to refill the vehicle before returning it.

  1. Check the brakes

It is recommended to check the brakes and how they work before accepting the car. This is something you can do on a parking lot and in 99.9% of cases you won’t have any problems.

Car hire in Dubai has been a type of service that millions of people use every single day. If you are one of them, we have prepared you for your new drive and all you need to do is to read this guide and you are ready. Pick a car you like and the one you can afford and have a great time. Dubai is excellent to drive in.

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