Terms of Service


The hirer accepts the automobile of choice was delivered to them at a fantastic working state. The hirer also knows and acknowledges that the automobile will be returned into CheapDriveUAE Rental LLC at precisely the exact same condition when the period of lease is finished (including all accessories).
CheapDriveUAE reserves the right to remember a car at any given time — in case the hirer has broken any of their organization’s terms and conditions.
CheapDriveUAE won’t be held liable for any loss of products.
CheapDriveUAE reserves the right to make alterations to its terms and conditions without any previous notice to any parties Geographical Limits.
Vehicles taken on lease may only be pushed within the geographic borders of the United Arab Emirates.

It is the hirer’s responsibility to make sure tires are stored properly inflated in any respect times.
It is the hirer’s responsibility to guarantee the automobile and its instruments aren’t damaged or tampered with.
It is the hirer’s obligation to ensure a fantastic standard of cleanliness is stored inside the motor vehicle.
The hirer will be held liable for all repair costs incurred during their lease period.
The hirer isn’t permitted to utilize a third party repair service — that might lead to a penalty for the hirer.
In the event of any harm or injury — the hirer would be to telephone the Police (999) and CheapDriveUAE (+971564032425/ 8006254).
The hirer has to receive a police record for any damage caused in their lease period.

Rental Period & Return Policy

Rental fees are on a 24-hour foundation
A grace period of two hours is approved to return date • Any postpone over two hours will lead to excess costs of a comprehensive moment.
Latest Care period: 1800/ / 6.00PM • No check on Friday’s and Public Holidays.
For pickup service on return date (in Dubai), the hirer should notify CheapDriveUAE at least 4 hours ahead of the pick-up moment.
For pickup service on return date (in most other Emirates), the hirer should notify Speedy Drive Car Renal LLC at least 24 hours before pick-up moment.


All fines incurred during the rental period are the duty of the hirer.
Hirer will be billed an AED 20 conversion fee and 10% service fee.
Fines of over AED 200 will be billed a minimum of AED 20 service fee.
5 percent VAT prices will be related to the service cost.

Service/ Maintenance

All rental charges include periodical servicing charges • First servicing fee insured is at 1000KM.
After the initial servicing, servicing will be required each 10,000KM.
The hirer must inform CheapDriveUAE at least two days prior to another servicing.
In the event of vehicle breakdown, CheapDriveUAE will offer a replacement car whenever possible.
Vehicles which weren’t serviced at the allocated times and experienced harm are the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer will be charged together with repairing prices. The rental period will be extended to cover the time required to fix the damages.
Hirer will not permit any third party to fix the leased vehicle without written permission from CheapDriveUAE.
The hirer is responsible to fix all tire punctures.
Damages into the tires because of puncture will be inspected upon by the review team and the hirer could be billed.
All vehicles must be serviced in accordance with the service tag located on the windshield of the vehicle.
The hirer is to notify CheapDriveUAE of any mechanical damage or collapse — that the hirer will be liable for any harm caused due to late reporting.
The leasing office will convey the technique of which to go about servicing the automobile — that can be applicable to small problems like a flat tire.


All hirers must be, at minimum, 22 decades old.
80% insurance is coated for hirers between the ages 22 and 25.


The hirer will be responsible to cover CheapDriveUAE that the impounding charges plus reduction of leasing charges in the event of their vehicle being impounded by police Parking.
The hirer is to be certain the vehicle leased is always parked at a safe, secure place and that all doors are kept locked.
Hirer will be liable for any harm caused by this vehicle • Hirer will cause the loss of any keys.
The minimum fee for a lost key is going to be AED 1500 • Charges for missing keys may change depending upon the class of vehicle that’s rented.
Any parking penalties incurred by the hirer will be charged to the hirer and will be subject to an administration fee.

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Online Booking — Terms & Conditions

The Online Booking Terms & Conditions will be applicable because of 01/01/18
Selection: Clients standards entered on to internet booking form, including dates of lease period and a selection of automobile.
Our Offer: Based upon the customers’ standards, CheapDriveUAE will offer the customer with supplies fitting their orders. The customer will then choose the supply of the selection.
Confirmation of choice: After picking the offer, the customer will click on the’Book Now’ box this may briefly publication the service to the customer.
Notification: After briefly reserving the support of selection, the customer will be requested to: fill customer information, confirm booking summary and provide final approval to terms and conditions of the reservation. Then, the customer can click on the’Pay Now’ box.
Final Confirmation: CheapDriveUAE will send you a confirmation email, including all reservation details.
Confirmation Mail
The customer will get a last confirmation email of reserving after all measures of this’procedure’ are finish.
This email will also include the terms & conditions of the ceremony.
Booking Details
Booking date: CheapDriveUAE accepts same-day lease reservations made around 3 hours Beforehand. Bookings made around 24 weeks in advance will also be acceptable.
The minimum rental period for a car out of CheapDriveUAE is 1 day. Any automobiles returned prior to the 24-hour interval will nevertheless be billed a day’s speed.
The best rental period for one car is left up to 24 weeks.

Further Requests

If Additional information is necessary, you can get in touch with CheapDriveUAE booking centre — we will be Pleased to answer some of your queries.
Other General Terms & Conditions
If The hirer is a tourist, also retains a driving permit from a UAE accepted Nation, the hirer should sign a contract which says: As soon as the Hirer obtains residency at the UAE, they need to change their permit to a United Arab Emirates driving permit, the hirer also insists it will Be prohibited to drive in the UAE using a driving permit from overseas once Residency is got.
Any injury or damage to the automobile Leased that happens as a result of driver being under the effect of Alcohol or any other medication is going to lead to complete liability being granted Into the hirer.
The hirer will be to make sure that drivers who have entered their name to the contract have been permitted to drive the automobile.
The Hirer isn’t allowed to tint the windows of the car, or to include Any decals of their own to your motor vehicle. An excellent of AED 500 is going to be Imposed for these offenses by CheapDriveUAE and the hirer Will be fully responsible for penalties levied by the authorities.
All conflicts and disputes regarding accounts and charging are managed by billing@cheapdriveuae.com.
All conflicts and disputes regarding services and maintenance are managed with contact@cheapdriveuae.com.
No money is refundable.