What’s the coverage on off-road driving?

Off-road usage is a breach of this rental agreement and isn’t permitted.

What happens when I return the car late?

An Additional day fee is applied

What type of driver’s permit must push from the UAE and does this need to be an International License?

1. For UAE Resident Visa Holders: A legal UAE Driving License. 2. For Visitors (on visit/transit visa) in GCC Countries: A legal GCC country driving permit. 3. For people from the rest of the countries aside from GCC nations (on visit/transit) a valid global driving permit.

Is parking available and are there any processes?

Parking in UAE is easily available. Parking along the street side is compensated parking with parking meter mounted around UAE.

What if I do if my car needs servicing and upkeep?

Please notify Speedy driveway or utilize the Book A Service attribute from our site to arrange a consultation with one of our client support agents. We’ll book your car or truck in for support and also arrange a replacement vehicle.

What should I do when I get a traffic offence/parking notice?

All penalties or offences linked to each of Speedy Drive vehicles have been processed by our staff and following notification and prices will be invoiced to the client.

What’s your policy on traffic offenses?

Drivers are expected to comply with all the traffic regulations and rules. For each and every traffic fine incurred you’ll be charged a minimal fee to cover administration fees.

What’s your policy on Hit & Run?

In the event the tenant matches a collision and is reserved by authorities under a hit and run report, no matter of being culpable for his offence, then he’s got to cover Speedy Drive the complete quantity of insurance surplus listed on the Vehicle Hire Agreement. However, in case the customer would like to choose SDW the clause doesn’t apply. Nonetheless, in most scenarios. A police report is crucial.

What should I do if my car is stolen?

Report the theft to the authorities promptly, acquire a copy of the police report and notify Speedy Drive immediately.

What should I do in the case of an crash?

In the unfortunate situation of an injury or damage to the automobile, you have to notify the authorities immediately. A police record is mandatory in these situations differently you’ll be held accountable for the whole expense of damage on the car.

What’s your policy on gasoline?

The Hirer must return the car with the exact same gas level as specified. Otherwise, the hirer will be billed the price of gas and a service fee.

Can you supply Oman Insurance?

If the hirer is travelling to Oman, he wants to amass an Oman Insurance Certificate from Speedy Drive automobile rental. Prices vary depending on the vehicles, period and time.

What’s Insurance Excess?

The client will be responsible to pay on the Insurance Excess or allowable amount recorded on the Vehicle Hire Agreement in case of any injury or loss (such as theft and fire ) caused by the vehicle provided it’s used, driven or operated from conformity with the Vehicle Hire Agreement. A legal police report is compulsory.

How can Salik (Toll) work?

All our vehicles are set up using a Salik tag. Each crossing in the Salik toll gates will incur a fee of AED 5.

Have you got airport support surcharges?

All vehicles chosen up/dropped off in Dubai Airports will be billed a airport support surcharge.

What payment options do you provide?

Clients have the choice to pay in cash or charge card to their lease. (Note: Credit card remains needed for safety ). Debit cards aren’t accepted as a safety.

Can you provide a Delivery & Collection service?

For your additional convenience, we can collect and deliver vehicles directly at your doorstep for a minimal fee. This support is subject to availability.

What’s your policy on other Drivers?

The hirer can add on an excess driver using another price, given that he/she meets all the necessary requirements.

Which are the age requirements?

Renters must be 22 decades or over at the time of lease.

Can you lease a car when you’ve got an interlock?

Most, if not all, rental car companies have a strict policy against leasing a vehicle to someone that has a DUI conviction in their record (up to 48 months ahead to some instances ). Thus, even in the event that you don’t have an interlock requirement, you might not have the ability to drive due to your DUI event.

How can this work when you lease a vehicle?

Based on the total amount of insurance you purchase, the per-day fee to get a travel insurance plan which includes rental vehicle coverage may work out to less than the per-day sum of a waiver. It’s generally cheaper to buy travel insurance compared to cover the Excess Reduction/Super-CDW in the rental counter.

How much does it cost to lease a vehicle?

Type of car: Economy and streamlined vehicles were comparable in cost. A Toyota RAV4 price $55 per day, with no taxation, while an Infiniti/Cadillac Crossover price $149. Age: Drivers younger than 25 can cover up to $25 more. Type of car: A full size rental price about $20 more, though a normal SUV price $97.23 for 2 days.

Do leasing cars have monitoring devices on them?

Though domestic rental car companies such as Avis and Hertz don’t monitor rate, thousands of the clients utilize GPS systems daily. The systems will help clients with instructions, unlock automobiles when keys are missing, or assist in a crisis by telling police when an air bag is deployed.

What have you got to do to rent a vehicle from Speedy Drive?

All Drivers Must:

Meet the leasing place’s minimum age conditions.
Have a valid driver’s license.
Have a significant credit card in their own name in the time of leasing or fulfill the places money eligibility requirements. …
Speedy Drive demand a rental deposit along with the price of rental volume.
What do you have to lease a vehicle?

Lively Credit Card. Even in case you’ve got a car booking and driver’s license in hand, then you might be turned off for not having a poor credit card which matches the title on your driver’s license. Most car rental agencies won’t accept debit cards, in spite of a charge card emblem such as Visa or Mastercard.